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Worldwide Cosmetics Inc. (as known as Eternal Spirit Beauty, and WWC)

September 5th, 2014

United States

We provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, improving the beauty of the human being, through solutions and benefits of excellent quality, to generate satisfaction among our customers and make our people successful entrepreneurs.


2.1 – The Independent Distributor Agreement

Eternal Spirit Beauty Policies and Procedures are considered part of the Eternal Spirit Beauty Independent Distributor Agreement.  

In its entirety, the Independent Distributor Agreement (“Agreement”) includes:
a) The Distributor Application and Agreement;
b) The Policies and Procedures;
c) The Eternal Spirit Beauty Consignment Agreement;
d) The Eternal Spirit Beauty Compensation Plan; and
e) The Eternal Spirit Beauty Business Entity Registration Form (if applicable)

When Eternal Spirit Beauty refers to the Independent Distributor Agreement, Distributor Agreement or Agreement, it refers to all components as described above.  It is your responsibility to read, understand and adhere to the most recent version of the Agreement.  Likewise, when you sponsor a new Distributor, it is your responsibility to ensure they have read and understand the Agreement they are signing, particularly these Policies and Procedures and the Eternal Spirit Beauty Compensation Plan before they sign.

2.2 – Purpose of the Distributor Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures are designed to define the relationship that exists between you (as a Eternal Spirit Beauty Independent Distributor), other Eternal Spirit Beauty Distributor s, and Worldwide Cosmetics Inc. (Eternal Spirit Beauty, or WWC) and to clearly articulate a standard for acceptable business conduct.  By signing the Agreement, you are agreeing to comply with all of its Terms and Conditions, with these Policies and Procedures and with all federal, state and local laws governing your Eternal Spirit Beauty business and conduct.  As it is not possible in this document to anticipate and address every possible situation that might arise, each Distributor agrees to always conduct their actions with honesty, integrity and a concern for the best interests of their customers and fellow Distributors.

Any questions regarding any policy or rule should be directed to your Sponsor or Eternal Spirit Beauty.

2.3 –Changes to the Agreement

Eternal Spirit Beauty reserves